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Marine Memorabilia on the Silver Screen

When TV, movie and video game writers want a formidable character, they often add a dash of Marine mystique – usually, but not always, with a tattoo. MARINES found these examples under the magnifying glass.

Max Payne movie poster

Max Payne
In this October 2008 release, Amaury Nolasco plays former Gunnery Sgt. Jack Lupino, a test subject for an experimental drug called Valkyr, which turned him into an unstoppable killing machine. However, I doubt I was the only Marine who noticed they used Army master sergeant chevrons to show off his rank.

The Spirit movie poster

The Spirit

In this December 2008 release, Dan Lauria, who served as a Marine officer in the Vietnam War, plays Commissioner Dolan for the Central City Police Department, one of the few individuals in the film who knows The Spirit’s secret identity. When he’s wearing a trench coat, moviegoers can see the eagle, globe and anchor on his right collar. But there was a goof – the anchor was facing the wrong way. For shame.

Babylon A.D. movie poster

Babylon A.D.
Vin Diesel plays a mercenary named Toorop who accepts a contract from a Russian mobster to bring a young woman to New York City. “USMC” is tattooed on his upper right arm.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past movie poster

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Robert Forster plays Sgt. Maj. Mervis Volkom, the father of the bride. Called the “Sarge,” he explains how he served in “a little war called Korea. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, slick. Lost more men than ‘Nam. We didn’t get a wall, we didn’t get a movie. We got a sitcom with Alan Alda, which was all non-stop laughs unless you were the ones watching his friends die.” He created a wedding seating chart using plastic toy soldiers. However, he says “hoo-ah” instead of “ooh-rah.”

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