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blast-proof wallpaper protects & beautifies
Self-adhesive, blast-resistant wall covering can<br /> be applied to a primed surface.

Self-adhesive, blast-resistant wall covering can be applied to a primed surface.

Engineer Research and Development Center, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Berry Plastics Corporation’s Engineered Protective Systems Division recently developed a new material designed to absorb the shock and minimize shrapnel from explosions.

The X-FLEX™ Blast Protection System is applied indoors like wallpaper and made from a polymer composite laced with reinforcing fibers. This makes the material strong and flexible at the same time. The material is applied by cleaning a wall’s surface, peeling away the protective film liner and finally pressing the tape against the wall. After the application, it’s also secured with fasteners to ensure it stays in place if an explosion does occur. According to Berry Plastics, they started working with the military in 2005 to design an adhesive-backed composite tape that would hold together during a blast.

“In areas where the prospect for blast occurrences is a constant threat, the performance of this product
is literally the difference between life and death,” said Elizabeth A. Curran, Business Development Manager, Berry Plastics Corporation.

The company, which is based in Evansville, Ind., and has 68 manufacturing facilities worldwide and nearly 14,000 employees, also states that the X-FLEX™ system is moisture, mold and fungus-resistant and environmentally friendly.

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