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Suit Up

The latest addition to the Uniform family

What’s highly reflective, is made of moisture-wicking material, and is emblazoned with “Marines” on the back of the jacket? Not a new Marine “boot” fresh from Parris Island, rather it is the Corps’ most recent uniform addition. The new suit, retailing for more than $100 is free for all Marines and is mandatory for all active and Reserve Marines to have (and, we assume to be actively using) by October. Another good thing – the suit has an anti-microbial lining to help prevent odor and bacteria.

Lightweight and updated – the new running suit jacket may be worn for non-PT leave and liberty. And the full suit may be worn for PT while on leave/liberty. Check out ALMAR 019/08 for more detailed regulations for wearing the new gear. For details on how to get your hands on one, make sure you know your inseam, waist and chest measurements and review MARADMIN message 015/09. Both messages are available at

The process for returning an improperly-sized suit is simple: Bring the suit back to the unit’s supply office or warehouse where the suit was ordered from. The supply clerk there will submit for a return electronically, which will also ask for the new size the Marine needs. If only the pants or jacket is the wrong size, then only that article should be returned. The supply clerk will then send the pants, jacket or both articles back along with a request for another size. The Marine can expect to receive their right-sized item within a month after the return.

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  1. Mabonds2 says:

    Does anyone know if the suit is going to be available thru the PX for retirees or former Marines?