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MRE Soup

A list of military terms, acronyms and expressions

Sea dust: Naval term used for table salt.

SLRP: Acronym used for Survey, Liaison & Reconnaissance Party – an organization formed from a Marine air-ground task force and Navy support element, which is introduced into an objective area prior to arrival of the fly-in echelon.

And a wake-up: Expression used when counting down the days before leaving an assignment or duty station.

Shower shoe: A nickname of endearment given to junior Marines fresh from boot camp… before they reach the nickname of “boot.”

FEBA: Acronym used for the Forward Edge of the Battle Area, the line of departure where a unit enters enemy territory.

Chinese field day: A form of field day where all furniture in the room is removed for extensive cleaning.

Barracks Rat: A nickname given to Marines who rarely voluntarily leave their living quarters.

POTUS: Acronym used to abbreviate President of the United States. It was originally used by the Secret Service.

LZ: Acronym used for Landing Zone, a clearing designated as the place where a helicopter can land.

The Stumps: A term of endearment for Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms in the Mojave Desert.

Box-kicker: A nickname used for a service member who works in supply, specifically, a warehouse clerk.

Winchester: Expression used when pilots are out of ordnance or an individual is out of ammunition.

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  • Marine Corps News

    Click means a distance of 1000 meters (one kilometer, or .62 miles). 

    Click is also used when sighting-in a weapon, such as a rifle. On most weapons, one “click” equals one second of arc, or — in other words, one inch of distance at one hundred yards. So, moving the site adjustments of the rifle “one click” will change the point of impact one inch for a target 100 yards away, two inches for a target 200 yards away, and so forth. The term comes from the clicking-sound made by the sight adjustment knobs as they are turned. (ref:)  

  • Ronald Wolniewicz

    I like your wall posting. Question, when watching war type movies a reference to distance is refered as a CLICK. What’s a click – feet, miles, city blocks?

    Thank You
    Ron W.