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Do your MCIs

Rank on the line for some corporals

Corporals, did you complete your “Leading Marines,” Marine Corps Institute, correspondence course? If not, you may want to jump on it fast or you may be reduced back to lance corporal.

According to Marine Administrative Message 0181/09, all Marines promoted to the rank of corporal are required to have either Leading Marines or Fundamentals of Marine Corps Leadership MCIs completed, or they may be administratively reduced in rank. Fundamentals of Marine Corps Leadership was replaced by Leading Marines, but either may be taken to fill that requirement for promotion to corporal.

Marines have until June 30 to complete Leading Marines or they will be administratively reduced.

This still applies to Marines deployed. Marines that are deployed and fall into this category will have 90 days from the date they redeploy back to base to complete the course.

The MARADMIN also states that lance corporals are held accountable now to finish the MCI before they can be recommended for promotion.

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