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Next Generation Vehicles

To be successful in battle, the Marine Corps relies on sophisticated logistical support. Here are two of the Corps’ latest technologies paving the way for Marines in the fight.
M-ATV Photo

M-ATV – (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected
All-Terrain Vehicles)

Providing the warfighter with safety and mobility, the M-ATV allows Marines to focus on their mission while they navigate through the
rugged terrain of the battlefield. It provides better mobility to troops while maintaining similar protection to the Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles.


  • Blast-resistant V-shaped hull
  • Rugged, reliable powertrain
  • Seating Capacity: 4 passengers + 1 gunner
  • Curb Weight: less than 25,000 pounds
  • Maximum Speed: 65 mph
  • Payload capacity: 4,000 pounds

LVSR Photo

LVSR – (Logistics Vehicle System Replacement)

The LVSR is an upgrade from the combat-tested Logistics Vehicle System, an assortment of eight-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles. With three variants, the LVSR incorporates the technology and features that increase the vehicle’s effectiveness in today’s battlefield.


  • Variants: cargo, tractor and wrecker
  • Curb Weight: ranges between 50,000 and 67,800 pounds
  • Maximum Speed: 65 mph
  • 600-horsepower diesel engine, 7-speed automatic transmission
  • In-cab vehicle diagnostics allow the driver to monitor the engine, transmission, brakes and other vital components

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