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Archive for March, 2010

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    Remebering Our Roots

    Marines with 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, were hooking and jabbing in Afghanistan, setting the tone for future operations in the Helmand Province. Back on the forward operating base, two Marines with Regimental Combat Team 3 decided to provide a little extra motivation to their fellow Devil Dogs, constructing a memorial in the image of an iconic Marine photograph.

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    Restoring the City

    Marines take pride in everything they do and taking the time to volunteer in the community is no exception. Marines were able to lend a much needed hand to help feed Chicago residence and clean up the “Windy City.” 

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    Sgt. Maj. Carlton W. Kent

    The sergeant major of the Marine Corps a serious man and he’s serious about improving the Corps and the quality of life for his Marines. From talking to him about the Corps’ new running suit to suicide prevention training, there’s no denying that the most senior enlisted devil dog in the Marine Corps genuinely cares about his Marines.

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    Legacy lives aboard USS Jason Dunham

    The Navy welcomed the USS Jason Dunham to its mighty fleet. MARINES highlights the christening of the destroyer as the story of Cpl. Jason Dunham’s selfless sacrifice is forever retold on the high seas.

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    The Unknown Legend

    The name and story of Col. Peter J. Ortiz may not be as recognizable as Dan Daly, Smedley Butler or John Basilone, but his story is that of legend and exemplifies a Marine tradition of adapting and overcoming tremendous odds to complete the mission.

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    F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

    The Marine Corps is fully loaded with an air arsenal that is paving the way for military aviation. The Corps sank its teeth in the new UH-1Y Venom, an upgraded version of the Huey, welcomed the MV-22B Osprey, a tiltrotor vertical/short take-off and landing, multi-mission aircraft, and introduced the F-35B Lightning II, a single-engine, single-passenger, multi-role, stealth-capable, fifth generation supersonic strike fighter.

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    Marines in Chicago

    The Marines landed in O’Hare International Airport and stormed the streets of Chicago to provide the “Windy City” with service, shows and motivation in the first ever Marine Week. From cleaning parks to demonstrating some of the Corps capabilities, the Marines were a big hit and left a lasting impression on Chicagoans.

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    Marine Corps Embassy Security Group

    Marine Corps Embassy Security Group- MARINES shed light on the leathernecks that solidify the meaning of “every clime and place” as ambassadors of America throughout the world. From Florida, to France and back, Marine Security Guards prevent the compromise of the national security of the United States and protect our country’s interests around the world.

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    Going the Distance

    Going the Distance: Former U.S. Olympian, Jeff Galloway, shares his best practices with MARINES. Keys to running success: How often should you replace your running shoes? What should you eat or drink before a long run? Subject matter experts provide MARINES with the common misconceptions about running and what you need to do to enhance your running experience.

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    F-35 Lighting II Helmet Mounted Display System

    Marines are always looking for ways to improve their ability to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy.. In case you’re the kind of Marine that takes an aerial approach, we also preview the HMDS, which gives pilots a whole new view of the battlefield.