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GREENS – Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy System

A photo of a GREENS solar power array

The system is composed of stackable 1600-watt solar arrays and rechargeable batteries that can provide 300 watts of continuous electricity

Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy System – GREENS

The clean-energy revolution has reached the Marine Corps. In an effort to develop a source of energy for units at the tip of the spear, the Office of Naval Research has come up with the Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy System. GREENS is a portable solar panel system with AC/DC power outlets for a variety of mission-essential gear. The panels can be transported on a humvee and quickly assembled.

The goal of the project was to create a source of renewable energy for forward-deployed units that had a limited power supply. By creating a source of power, GREENS eliminates one of the most requested supplies, reducing the number of convoys needed to resupply units in the thick of the fight.

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  • Roman

    Do you think there is any way to improve on this system? And if so, what do you think is the biggest factor that is lacking?