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Marine Corps Professional Reading Program

Test your literary knowledge with our quiz on books from the Corps professional reading program.

  1. In this Orson Scott Card novel, Andrew “Ender” Wiggin is a 6-year-old kid military genius who is tested to become a future commander of Earth’s armed forces.
  2. This non-fiction book by Stephen E. Ambrose is a collection of accounts told by soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division and their involvement in World War II. It was later adapted into a popular mini-series on HBO.
  3. In this non-fiction book, Lt. Gen. Victor Krulak combines the story of his service with the history and an analysis of the Marine Corps.
  4. A military analysis written by Sun Tzu has provided inspiration to military leaders for more than 2,600 years. It is composed of 13 chapters, each devoted to one aspect of warfare.
  5. This Steven Pressfield novel, based on the same events that inspired the movie “300,” combines historical fiction with an analysis of the Battle of Thermopylae.
  6. James Webb’s novel uses the author’s experience of travelling in Vietnam and serving in the Corps to follow the Marines as they go through the challenges of war.
  7. This C.S. Forester novel tells the story of one British rifleman holding back the French army in Portugal and eventually causing them to retreat.
  8. Mark Moyar’s non-fiction book examines the central players of the Vietnam War, attacking the “orthodox” school of thought that American involvement was “wrongheaded and unjust.”
  9. This novel, written by retired Army Lt. Gen. Hal Moore and Joe Galloway, focuses on the role of the
    7th Cavalry Regiment in a major battle in Vietnam.
  10. James Bradley and Ron Powers tell the story of the five Marines and one sailor who raised an American flag on Mount Suribachi during the battle of Iwo Jima.
  11. Dave Grossman’s book attempts to explore what goes through the mind of a service member when faced with the prospect of taking someone’s life.
  12. In this novel, Bing West tells the story of 15 Marines defending a village in Vietnam, working with the South Vietnamese who live there.
  13. This novel, written by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer, portrays the American battle to win the “hearts and minds” of the people of Sarkhan, a fictional country based on Vietnam.
  14. This memoir of Guadalcanal, written by retired Gen. Merrill B. Twining, explains the process of planning the battle and the decisions made by the officers who lead Marines to secure the island.
  15. John Grider Miller tells the story of Capt. John Ripley in Vietnam. Ripley received a Navy Cross in recognition for his bravery and heroism.

Just to confirm you got 100% on the test the first time, you can check your answers on this page.

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