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Archive for July, 2010

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    The Military Gum Project

    The first priority of a Marine on the frontlines is to take care of their weapon. Unfortunately, this means hygiene may take a back seat and daily tasks like brushing and flossing teeth often become  [Read more…]

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    Faces in the Ranks – Fire Team

    Lance Cpl. Robert C. Treichler Charlotte, N.C. Age: 23 Occupation: Anti-tank missileman Unit: Weapons Company, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment Treichler enlisted in the Marine Corps in the fall of 2008. Having read the news  [Read more…]

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    Operation Cobra’s Anger

    Marines clear Taliban stronghold NOW ZAD, Afghanistan — Once an urban district and home to thousands, “The Greens,” an area within the Now Zad region of Afghanistan, quickly became a ghost town when Taliban fighters  [Read more…]

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    Rounds Down Range

    12th Marines tale live-fire training to Fuji CAMP FUJI, Japan — The sound of machine gun fire echoed throughout the hills of the North Fuji Maneuver Area, as Marines and sailors of 3rd Battalion, 12th  [Read more…]

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    Marine Expeditionary Brigade-Afghanistan

    Task Force Leatherneck Mission: To conduct counter-insurgency operations in partnership with Afghan National Security Forces and support the expansion of security and legitimate governance.

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    MRE Soup

    A list of military terms, acronyms and expressions FPL: Acronym for Final Protective Line – the last line of defense. If the enemy reaches this point, a change in tactics is usually planned. Gunny rolls:  [Read more…]