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MRE Soup

A list of military terms, acronyms and expressions

FPL: Acronym for Final Protective Line – the last line of defense. If the enemy reaches this point, a change in tactics is usually planned.

Gunny rolls: Poorly-rolled sleeves on the Marine Corps combat utilities.

EOF AND ROE: Escalation of Force and Rules of Engagement.

DUMMY CORD: A rope, cord or piece of string used to tie equipment or important pieces of gear to one’s body in order
not to lose that object.

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One Response

  1. MSgt Dione Whisenant says:

    Lead Stick: Pencil
    Ink Stick: Ink Pen
    Moon Beam: Flash Light
    Look a Like Room : Mirror and sink room
    Rain Room: Shower

    Terms we used in 1stBn MCRD San Diego as Drill Instructors.