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M32 Grenade Launcher

M32 Grenade Launcher

M32A1 multi-shot grenade launcher.

The Corps is upping the ante by acquiring an updated version of the M32A1 multi-shot grenade launcher. Marine Corps Systems Command is procuring 2,191 new Milkor MGLs to supplement the 210 M32s already in the operating forces.

The M32 is a semi-automatic, shoulder-fired, six-shot grenade launcher capable of firing 40 mm grenades. Instead of the leaf sights used by the M203, the M32 uses an optical sight with an aiming dot that accounts for the drift of the grenade and can be adjusted for distance. The weapon has a maximum range of 400 meters and an effective range of 375 meters. More importantly, the M32A1 can put rounds down range at a rapid rate. All six grenades can be fired off accurately in three seconds, compared to the minute that it would take to fire the same amount of shots from an M203.

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One Response

  1. Will says:

    Brothers, dont carry 40mm HEDP in cargo pockets, or single pouches with no muscle memory! Check out the MAG-D (molle adaptable grenade dispenser) movies will say it all. Semper Fi