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New Covers for Lady Leathernecks

New covers for lady Leathernecks

Here is a sneak-peek at the tentative design for new female general officers

Marine Corps Systems Command has confirmed that improvements to all three covers for female Marines are underway to achieve better design, comfort and maintainability.

The improved garrison cap will feature foam interfacing for increased stability and durability, as well as a more streamlined silhouette.

Both the new service and dress covers will consist of a frame with a sewn on cover. The service cover will be constructed from green polyester and wool gabardine cloth. The dress cover will be constructed from a polyester stretch knit with a topcoat that is easier to clean and maintain then the current.

There will be four versions of the service and dress covers; enlisted and company grade, field grade and general officers covers. The color of the buttons, chin strap, and eagle, globe and anchor emblem, as well as the use of the quatrefoil and embroidery on the visor, varies depending on the version.

Although the design is still being finalized, Marines should expect to see the new covers available for purchase in fiscal year 2012.

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4 Responses

  1. Donna Perdue says:

    It’s not that it takes 2 years to authorize; they are giving active duty women the opportunity to wear the covers they currently have purchased and will then give a “phase-in” time frame to allow time for them to purchase the new cover. These covers cost a hefty penny (around $50) and the Marines have to get their cash together for that. Also, they need time for the manufacturer to produce them, (to do that, they have to get all the templates prepared, fabric/materials and machinery set for all the different sizes (it’s not one-size-fits-all)). Once they’re done with that, the Marine/Navy bases (where Marines serve) have to get them in the exchanges and other outlets. The Marine Corps will then have to get them into its inventory system and integrate it into the female bootcamp issue. All that takes lots of coordination–all while we’re fighting 3 wars. 2012 is just around the corner. I wish your daughter many wonderful experiences and memories as a Marine. Thank you for sharing her with us all!

  2. Carl@RightWingWizKid says:

    My daughter graduated fromm boot at PI 17September.
    I see this story, look at the date it was printed, and thought “How come Holly didn’t have taht cool of a cover?”

    Then I saw they won’t be available till 2012!!

    Two years to authorize a new cover??


  3. Johnson says:

    oh, this is great. the covers we have now just dont sit right , and are easily crushed in travel .These new covers look amazing , cant wait to get’em

  4. Karla Melendez says:

    Wow, very nice. As always, it’s very motivating to see improvements on elite covers such as these.