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FGM-148 Javelin

Firing the FGM-148 Javelin may feel like playing a video game, but this anti-tank guided missile launcher is no toy. The missiles weigh 26 pounds, and the entire system often requires a two-man team to use effectively.

Aiming the Javelin is done by using the Command Launch Unit attached to the system. The infrared thermal display shows a box that the operator matches to the target. After adjusting the targeting box, the operator locks the area where the Javelin should impact. The missile is able to adjust in flight in order to hit the target, allowing the operator to move as soon as the weapon is fired. The result has proven to be well worth the effort of wielding the 40-pound system. The Javelin has been used successfully in both operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

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2 Responses

  1. JJ says:

    I tested this system in 1996, it’s bad ass and goes through almost a unlimitied amount of steel. The US has sold it though to most nations and it’s in the hand of our enemies as well, but it’s not easy to use unless you have good training. the manuals are about 2 feet deep.

  2. Julian says:

    About how long did it take do develope such a weapon?