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Joint Light Tactical Vehicle

The Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is an Army and Marine Corps program established to replace a portion of the humvee fleet with a family of light tactical vehicles and companion trailers. Unlike its predecessor, JLTVs are being developed to be an armored combat and scout vehicle.

The JLTV family of vehicles will provide a design that supports mobility, reliability and maintainability within given weight limits to ensure transportability to and from the battlefield. They will be capable of operating across a broad spectrum of terrain and weather conditions while providing the warfighter with increased protection through the use of scalable armor solutions.

Seven prototype vehicles and four trailers are expected to be delivered for testing this summer. During the 27-month technology development phase, the armor coupons, ballistic hulls, vehicles and trailers will undergo a series of performance and reliability tests to better understand the technical challenges, demonstrate mature technologies and finalize the JLTV requirements.

The Corps is due to receive 5,500 vehicles when full production and fielding begin in fiscal year 2013.

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