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A Spork fit for Combat

Today’s unconventional battlefield has lead to the adoption of some unusual looking tools to get the job done. Officially named the improved spork, this battlefield oddity simplifies the operation of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle’s arm, allowing Marines to perform route clearance missions with more ease.

“The original spork was much like a fork on a table,” said Al Shaw, MRAP assistant program manager, Buffalo vehicle platform team. “It had five tongs, faced upward, could scoop suspected ordnance and the interrogation arm moved vertically.”

The ability to move suspected objects with more flexibility and control was in high demand on the battlefield. “Marines wanted a capability that would allow them to grab items and have greater movement, so we developed that. The difference is like night and day,” said Shaw.

The arm now looks more like a claw, with indentations in the tongs, giving operators a greater ability to grip sus-pected ordnance. A more user-friendly control box allows operators to just tilt the attachment vertically and rotate it 360 degrees.

The arm can be upgraded with a kit containing new hardware. Installation is simple and quick, minimizing time and effort focused on the upgrade, allowing Marines to maintain the high operational tempo of today’s battlefield.

“Fielding the new spork began with Operation Enduring Freedom,” said Shaw. New and reset MRAPs are being delivered in August with the improved spork already installed. Training MRAPs will get the improved spork on a one-for-one exchange as new claws are delivered. Some stateside units already have the spork installed.

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6 Responses

  1. dimaz bandriananto says:

    Well, at least a modern and sophisticated warfare and welfare don’t make marines troop reduce it self-combat-abilities in actual combat

    Good Luck Marines!

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  3. CPL WHITE ML USMC 78/84 says:

    i think the hydraulic lines should enchaced in the boom would be better. boom over boom with the lines inside,,to repair a line ,slide boom off much like extendaboom backhoes,, da lines dont the long run just ask an old marine whos work ed on and operateted heavy shit for 25yrs…what do think is going to happen to all those hoses in your photo when they weather from exposure and or fucking get shot at get real…..again i could shoot you hydralic hoses to shit with a 22 or melt them with a molatov come on how much did they spend on inventing a armouerd backhoe.

  4. CPL WHITE ML USMC 78/84 says:

    i hope someone actully reads my ealier comments iwant the best for my corps but it doesnot have to be overly expensive or overly thought…i have been living this type of warfare since 1963. ihave desighned vehicles off current and way in the past to my own desighns,, all with the intent of comfort ,,long hours on station,,,deadly firepower when needed, and my marines come home safe……….. alive……..

  5. CPL WHITE ML USMC 78/84 says:

    desighned this type of vehicle when i was 12,been drawing urban warfare vehicles since i was 6.i always had a sence that big tanks could only be used for area control, marines need low slung tough trucks that could keep them safe yet alert and ready to fight at a moments notice.night vison and sensors to detect movement,long hours on station,gatlin guns with high penitration ammo.what i had i mind was vihicles that were cheap to build maybe somthing we already had…i think it was called an m4 armoured car/had a turret for a 50 or maybe larger cal but it would definatly beat the hell out a hum v with a guy sticking his head up with the open top.i could kill that fucker every time with a 22.marines need to get back to the basics.. small conflickx,and good cheap harware that we sold to isrial..they bought the hell out the six wheeled tough little trucks i mentioned.remember they had a armoured turret and were cheap compared to a bradly ,shit man ,icould have six to your one with a 30mm and hellfire to boot……..

  6. James Bishop says:

    Sure beats the old Bayonet method. Hell of a lot easier on the nerves.