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Guard your Grill – Maxillofacial Shield

The Ballistic Protective Maxillofacial Shield, made by Gentex Corporation, is a piece of personal protective equipment made to shield a Marine’s face from shrapnel and other ballistic threats faced on today’s battlefield.

The shield comes in two models, the MFS 800 and MFS 1800 models. The 800 model offers protection comparable to ballistic protective eyewear. The 1800 offers protection up to the National Institute of Justice’s level IIIA rating, which is no penetration with a 124-grain full metal jacket 9 mm projectile traveling at 1,350 to 1,450 feet per second.

The system is light, with the both models weighing under one and 1.9 pounds respectively. The system can be retrofitted to existing helmets, attaching to holes already in the helmet.

“The MFS is easy to install and use,” said Richard Long, product manager, U.S. and international sales with Gentex Corp. “You just attach the brackets to your helmet and in a few minutes you’ll have it snapped in and ready. You can remove it in seconds and work the shield up or down with one hand. It takes away another vulnerable spot. Instead of aiming for the head, enemies are aiming toward the face because it’s unprotected. The MFS fixes that.”

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  • jared Lombardo

    this is a great invention that will serve the USMC well

  • Mrgrimrulz

    swweeet the 1800 mfs  plus the dragon armor. unstopable! 

  • Luigiv

    that stupid thing might stop a 9mm but who the hell uses that round that works for the opposition? besides the idea you might get your neck broken anyway when a round smashes into to that thing. the benefit then? the only difference is an open or closed casket funeral. i’d rather have nothing there and risk the one guy who knows how to shoot for the enmies team. any marines recall how bad these retards shoot out there, they’re terrible.

  • Andre Werner

    Sometimes Scifi movies gives great insparation to invent something that can save our lives. This could be one of those inventions.

  • Lance Corpral

    How are they gonna spitt chew?

  • Anonymous

    It’s looks uncomfortable and a little star wars like, but if it works it will be a great piece of kit.

  • Darth Vader

    (c) Bobba fett

  • Richard Arnold3

    It looks like it could hot with your hot air blowing in your face!!!!!

  • Eric Knowshowtousethe Schwartz


  • Guest

    this is something that some star wars geek thought up off. do you ubderstand that if your are not actually the ground and pound element you have no right to make our gear or reccomend what we should wear. If i had this shit while going thru fallujah i would find a way to saw that shit off

  • Shawty

    I am wondering if I can use this while I’m sitting at my computer? I mean, sitting on the fob in LNK, You never know when mortars are gonna be fired at chu.

  • Brittonwinslow

    its for Marines that are on the turrets.

  • Daniel Michael long

    are a few fans , or even with masks , alike

  • Daniel Michael long

    this is what i actuallly said ,that in our days at star wars technology level the protection of the equipment should be complete

  • Daniel Michael long

    in our day , all , is about star wars technology i don t know if is enough is risk?

  • Bacon

    Chill dudes….I wore one for a while doing convoy security and that 1.9 lbs gets tiring quick on your neck, not to mention it makes it hard for your squad mates to hear what your saying…

  • al0eaz

    Its a cool idea, probably useful against shrapnel, but like someone said earlier, 7.62X39 will go right through that. So if they shoot for your face your going to die anyways. Plus all those non-Marines out there dont understand that the less useless weight you have on you the better.

  • Smiley

    Like the one MTek Weapon Systems makes! That also stops 7.62X39 @ 25 feet!

  • Reebs

    I have used this piece of gear in OIF in 2007. It was large and cumbersome and I had I not been in a turret gunner I would not have used it. First of all, it makes your kevlar COMPLETELY unbalanced. It doesn’t work well with googles. If you flip it up, it protrudes really high and against throws of the balance of your head. This has the POTENTIAL to be a decent piece of PPE. However, in its current incarnation, it is garbage.

  • Anonymous

    you can churn out this protective gear till the end of time but no marine or soldier will want to wear this on patrol in 120 degree heat with all his other gear. you should be light and able to fight, not loaded up with heavy and ineffective kit. believe me, when the rounds are flying, this thing would get ripped right off.

  • le.thien

    cuz we got some fresh cookies!!!!! ;D

  • guestttttttttttt

    Jeez, get off your high horse and shut up. Its a joke.

  • Hiker8951

    I think shouldering a weapon as well as verbal communication within the immediate are could be hindered by this. Crye’s AirFrame helmet design and face shield seems much more reasonable.

  • Fireviper3000


  • Aloha Analytics

    Wow, can you say “Stormtrooper”?

  • Steven Wake97

    this is areally cool mask especially since its protecting our soldiers

  • Msgtmd

    starwars helmet?

  • tom

    how much

  • Obadiah

    Outstanding, one more reason for my son who is a Marine and picks on me about being a Marine when we used rocks and sticks.

  • ctrcityrp

    Welcome to the Dark Side

  • Blaine Lippe

    Great try but my helmet is heavy enough and the chance that I get shot in the face versus the eye, neck, arm or leg is trivial…



  • Sanctuspiox

    they deserve the top of the line,!

  • Brian Julien

    Well, I think it looks great.

  • haden

    stop talking about star wars and respect the fact that this will save a few lives

  • jcruz

    They might had their minds in the right place when they thought up this concept but how are you suppose aim down the sights with that thing in your face?

  • josh

    nice helmet but when did the marines turn into BOBA FETT from star wars , lol just kidding, whatever it takes to keep you guys safe !! thank you

  • Batman

    They could at least try to make it look more evil, like some face masks we wore back in ’04…

  • Mrmulletmania2000

    How are you supposed to aim a rifle while uing this thing?

  • guest


  • Guest


  • guest

    humm now only if our enemies would use 9mm or less so that this system would acually would work.

  • Jon Pallagi


  • LindaPRMofAlex

    just in time to protect my son. he is in boot camp now.

  • Asoaresphoto

    Try getting a good cheek weld with that… I could see its use with the ma duece from the turret.

  • Unclejimmema

    Another form of PPE we’ll never see…

  • Psmith_five

    Why dont they just make a kevlar shaped motorcycle helmet with ballistic shield?

  • angry_irishman

    How are they going to be able to aim with that darn thing on? There are no cheek indents to make it any easier either. Some design…

  • Peter Elfuego

    Slap on some bull horns, watch Last Samurai, and you’re reading to do some kick-ass PC-COIN!

  • Kevlar Menace

    I could see this being pretty good, if it were cool out. But having your own hot breath come back at you during the summer isn’t going to be nice at all.