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United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command

Activated: Feb. 24, 2006, formed to conduct foreign internal defense.

Headquarters Location: Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C.

Commanding General: Maj. Gen. Paul E. Lefebvre

Sergeant Major: Sgt. Maj. Richard W. Ashton

Command Master Chief: Master Chief Tavita F. Saleua

Mission: Provide special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense, direct action, counter terrorism, unconventional warfare, information operations and direct action in support of the United States Special Operations Command.

Components: Marine Special Operations Regiment, 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion, 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion, 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion, Marine Special Operations Support Group, Marine Special Operations School, Marine Special Operations Intelligence Battalion.

Honors: National Defense Service Streamer, Afghanistan Campaign Streamer with one Bronze Star and the Global War on Terrorism Service Streamer.

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33 Responses

  1. Brandonobermiller says:

    I would like to know why the U.S. military is still using Vietnam era “Huey” helicopter’s as troop carrier’s in the 21st century. We spend billions of dollars on fighter/bombers, and yet we continue to fly these lumbering, low flying sitting ducks to transport our elite special forces into the the hottest area’s in in Afghanistan. One well placed RPG can take out an entire highly trained special forces team as evidenced by the recent tragedy of Seal Team 6. It is a travesty and a disgrace that the powers that be sacrifice these brave men for what I believe are primarily political reasons.

  2. Sr4sam says:

    I was bless to service with true brother ,true marine.thank you for making me a better person

  3. Scolon says:

    i find it ironic the the u.s marine corp boasts all about being a bout history(just listen to there anthem) but the will not allow who dictates the history. the marine raiders in wwII eaned there title as did recom marines in vietnam just as these marsoc marines are doing it because the name “raider “does the marines think many will have the wrong inpression.come on now…can any one tell me if the marines also did the same to the “black sheep squadron”…the marine corp pilots of wwII…..just a question….if my statement is incorrect in anyway,correct me if i am wrong, i do not intend to offend    

  4. Comandante05 says:

    Great unit….!!!…god bless them… Semper Fi …!!!

    8th Construction Engineer Batallion – Brazilian Army – Amazonia province

  5. Paul L Stokes says:

    I believe that the Marine Special Operations Regiment should be Redesignated as “The Raider Regiment: and its battalions should be Redesignated as 1st, 2nd & 3rd Raider Battalions and Raider Support Battalion.

    We need to keep the Marine Raider Tradition alive and well and I would submit that the Raiders of WWII would wholeheartedly agree with me.

    Paul L. Stokes
    Major, USMC Retired
    Deputy Director for Operations
    Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School
    MCAGCC 29 Palms, CA 92278

  6. Philmitic47 says:

    Semper Fi! greetings from switzerland

  7. ken says:

    Don’t know your butt from your backside.The landing was not fired on.Also it was not 1964 it was 1965.
    No marines were killed then.
                                                    YOU are a wanna be!

  8. Dustin says:

    So When You Going To Come Get Me? Im Ready To Go. Dustin Frank,23,Toledo,Ohio

  9. jerome nunez paat says:

    Best of the best

  10. Richard Anderson says:

    god bless

  11. Duvallsr589 says:

    May the God’s watch your soul and your Buddy’s watch your back

  12. Johhnathan1971 says:

    It seems that the opposition to the continuation of American inolvement in he middle east is affecting our servicemen that are on leave. Men having invovlements in a community where there is a element of street violence, often are attacked, and sometimes are killed.

  13. Crunchies59 says:

    God Bless you all. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Semper Fi

  14. Edward terry Weatherby says:

    I went to Viet-Nam in 1964 the day they declared a conflict,I was in the first LST to hit Red Beach under fire,when the ramp dropped the guy in front of me got shot in the head.We took the beach.I was 17 yrs.old.Thats a heck of a feeling.Our tours at that time was 18 mos.and I spent 2-1/2 tours wounded 3 times.I left on dec.12th 1968 under fire from the Tet offence. Go get em guys,gung-ho semper-fi.

  15. devil dog says:

    Give ’em hell Marines

  16. frank b glennon jr. says:

    MARINES are part of our family, one grandson with two tours, and one greatnephew just starting
    we all are so proud of them……………………………………………………………………………………………….

  17. M.R. Smith says:

    Have a son heading towards MARSOC full speed ahead. Returns from deployment soon to begin 0317 school (Scout Sniper ) then on to Recon ? Hard charger all the way….Outstanding group of young men and women.

  18. Mario Bardhoku says:

    god bless u all

  19. Alxmartin says:


  20. Eandmsales Garber593 says:

    God, country, family and Corp, in life one needs no more!

  21. Nick Plympton says:

    Hopefully I’ll join you guys in the next few years!

  22. James says:

    Semper fi, God Bless all of you.

  23. James says:

    Semper fi , show them what the U.S. Marines are madeof.

  24. Chuck Dackerman says:

    Happy Easter Marines! God Loves Marines and the bad guys KNOW IT!

  25. MIKECHILDERS1 says:


  26. Richard Arnold3 says:


  27. Jacob says:

    Don’t be selfish with personnel, Marines. There are higher missions above us, and that requires us to give away some of our best NCOs. We will still have very good and capable NCOs leading the way in our units. However, the cost of training a special operator is tremendous, and we simply don’t have the money and manpower to recycle MARSOC operators back into the fleet. MARSOC has been consistently undermined, and the idea that we will continue this path without doing our part with the joint services is short sighted, expensive, and selfish. The Army, Navy, and Air Force give up their best personnel as well and have permanent billets, and they still have shortages of special operators.

  28. Tambiti says:

    It was a privilege to serve along side the USMC in 2007 at Camp Fallujah Iraq, your level of professionalism cannot be rivaled. Semper Fi.


  29. Man says:

    Quit screwing over the fleet. Criminal, the entire operation.

  30. E-6 Bravo says:

    Some people say that MarSOC is eating away at the seasoned NCO corps of the infantry companies in regular victor units

  31. Acsayre says:

    Take it to em Marines. God bless all of you.

  32. Ronr418 says:

    Semper Fi brothers, take the fight to the enemy and let him feel the sting of our wrath.

  33. Alexander Lensert says:

    love the corps