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M110 SAAS: Multiple Shots, Multiple Kills


The Corps is fielding a snipers’ dream weapon, a semi-automatic system able to rapidly engage targets.

The Model 110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System, a gas-operated, rotating bolt, sniper rifle, compliments existing weapon systems currently in use by the Marine Corps and helps add functionality and flexibility to the scout sniper arsenal.

The sniper rifle has a maximum effective range of 800 meters and excels in the rapid engagement of multiple targets in a built-up environment.

The weapon fires 7.62 mm rounds loaded into 10 or 20 round detachable box magazines.

Another feature includes an adjustable buttplate that matches user preferences. Adjustments are made via a notched, hand-tightened knob on the right-hand side of the stock.

The buttstock also comes with integral quick-detachable sling swivel sockets located on each side of the stock.

The weapon features a rail system with a folding front 600 meter back-up iron sight, in case the scope is unserviceable.

According to Marine Corps Systems Command, every scout sniper element will have the M110 capability to be fielded in Afghanistan and future operations.

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