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Pack, Fly, Deliver & Win

Although the name might conjure up the notion that the Marine Corps is working on a vehicle to mimic the fantastic voyage of the Proteus through a human subject, the real-life case is slightly different. The Corps is building an internally transportable vehicle that fits inside the MV-22 Osprey or the CH-53 Super Stallion – taking its own version of the fantastic journey to new heights.

When coupled with the Expeditionary Fire Support System, an ITV team can carry enough fuel, water, ammunition, and food for a three-day mission, while transporting a crew of four. Equipped with an M2 .50 caliber heavy machine gun, MK-19 grenade launcher or M240G medium machine gun on board, along with towed mortars and ammunition, Marines can pack-up, fly-in, and knock out missions with performance and agility – at targets up to 10 miles away using rocket assisted projectiles.

Aside from being fast and trim, the ITV can slog through nearly 3 feet of water, tow a ton of equipment, help Marines seize airfields from afar, recover personnel, and conduct enhanced company operations.  Not bad for a day’s work from a small powerhouse of a tactical dune buggy. •