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Rank vs. Rank


Lt. Col. Karla M. Jessup

Unit and billet: Provost Marshal, Marine Corps Base Hawaii Military Police Department

Right hand Marine: Sgt. Maj. Laura Brown

Alma Mater: Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Reason for joining the Marines: Because of the Corps’ genuine interest in me

Combat deployments: Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom

Can deal with: Crazy. The Marine Corps loves crazy.

Can’t deal with: Integrity violations

State your business: Life is all about friendship and fellowship

Favorite place to eat breakfast: Chow hall at Al Asad Airbase, Iraq.

Last time ordered the “Code Red”: Never. Prefer ordering the “Aloha Friday”

Choice disciplinary action: One where learning occurs

Next billet: College student

Last interaction with military police sentries: Main gate — 100 percent ID card check

Fighting words: Call me a “rent-a-cop” and you’ll find out


Col. Nathan R. Jessep

Unit and billet: Commanding officer, Rifle Security Company, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Right hand man: Lt. Col. Markinson

Alma Mater: United States Naval Academy

Reasoned for joining the Marines: To strengthen America.

Combat deployments: Vietnam

Can deal with: Bullets, bombs and blood

Can’t deal with: White uniforms, insubordination and lawyers

State your business: Saving lives

Favorite place to eat breakfast: 300 yards away from 4,000 Cubans who are trained to kill him.

Last time ordered the “Code Red”: To “train” Pvt. William Santiago

Choice disciplinary action: Send two hard chargers to fix the problem

Next billet: Slated to be director of National Security Agency, but didn’t make it past
the brig

Last interaction with military police sentries: When charged with issuing illegal orders

Fighting words: “I’m going to rip your eyes out of your head and piss into your dead skull!”


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  1. Jeremy Vought says:

    Great one!  Keep ’em coming.