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Marine Memorabilia on the Silver Screen

When TV, movie and video game writers want a formidable character, they often add a dash of Marine mystique – usually, but not always, with a tattoo. MARINES found these examples under the magnifying glass.


U.S. Marshals (1998)

In the film U.S. Marshals, Mark J. Sheridan, played by Wesley Snipes, is on the run from Chief Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard, played by Tommy Lee Jones, after a foiled assassination attempt on Sheridan causes the prisoner transport plane carrying him and Gerard to crash. After escaping, it’s up to Gerard and his team to pursue Sheridan. While going over his file, it is revealed that he was a government agent who served in Marine Corps Special Forces. As it turns out, he’s proven innocent. No wonder he’s able to adapt and overcome, all while sparing the lives of innocent civilians when it could’ve cost his own.






Reno 911

In the “Cop School” episode of Reno 911, the Reno Sherriff’s Department crew get a few cadets trying out for a job in the department as a deputy. One attractive, female cadet, Cadet Jackson, surprises her trainers when she tackles a fleeing perpetrator, beats the hell out of him in self defense, and cuffs him. When stunned and blushing Deputy Garcia asks “Where did you learn that stuff?” Jackson honors the eagle, globe and anchor and answers “In the Marine Corps.”

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