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Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center

Location: Pickel Meadow, Calif.

The Mountain Warfare Training Center was established in 1951, as the Corps’ Cold Weather Battalion, to train Marines bound for Korea. After the Korean War, the mission and role of the training area were expanded to prepare forces for operations in mountainous, high altitude, and cold weather environments. As a result of its expanded duties, the center was renamed the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in 1963. Today the remote and isolated post conducts formal schools for Marines and unit-level training in summer and winter mountain operations as well as support and training to other Marine Corps and Department of Defense agencies.

Marines who train at the center test cold weather equipment and clothing, and develop doctrine and concepts to improve the Marine Corps’ ability to fight in mountainous and cold weather environments.

Mission: To conduct unit and individual training courses to prepare the Marine Corps, Joint and Allied forces for operations in mountainous, high altitude and cold weather environments in support of regional combatant commanders.

Additionally, the training center provides support to the Marine Corps and Department of Defense agencies engaged in the development of the war-fighting doctrine and specialized equipment for use in mountain and cold weather operations.

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5 Responses

  1. Bill Costello says:

    I was at Pickel Meadows from late ’52 to early ’54.  I understand that there is a book recently published about the history of this base.  If anyone knows how I can get a copy, let me know at     Sgt. Bill Costello

  2. Charles Swanson says:

    I remember it well. 1951 Sgt. Charles A. Swanson
    Worth every frozen moment, and even with the
    boots we had then.

  3. Jim says:

    MCMWTC, “WE CAME, WE SAW, WE FROZE OUR ASSES OFF.” 2nd Bn 1st Marines 1987.  Tough training, but tougher when you awoke in the morning to the cold temperature, and had to make a mad dash to take a piss.
    Nevermind that at MWTC, everywhere you hump, its ALWAYS UP HILL.

  4. Ryan Bott says:

    It’s ‘Pickel Meadow’ You had better square yourself away with a quickness!

  5. Zaneaskins says:

    As a Marine with 3rd BN 8th Marines from Camp Lejuene back in 1988, I had the opportunity to experience a six week cold weather training course here in Bridgeport. It turned out to the best six weeks of my whole Marine Corps experience…Snow camping, humping mountains, snow skiing, snow shoeing, etc. And the weather was perfect…Oh, and did I mention the 3 day weekend in Reno at the end…amazing!!! Thank you to all past, present, and future Marines that earn the title and serve our country with pride…Semper Fi