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Trimming the Fat: Improved Modular Tactical Vest

Trying to choose between protection and comfort in body armor is a difficult task. Sure, you want to be bullet-hole free, but you also want to be able to wear it without difficulty. Fortunately, the Marine Corps has found a way to keep Marines protected while making added safety more comfortable.

Though there are many changes with the improved Modular Tactical Vest, one of the most notable is that it weighs two pounds less than its predecessor. It may not seem like much, but every pound counts when you’re carrying it all day. Besides being lighter, the vest packs on the following improvements:

  • Incorporated optional firing shoulder adaptor for better weapon stock weld
  • Bigger neck opening with less-abrasive nylon
  • Less material around the shoulders provides more arm motion
  • Improved cummerbund stability and placement to mitigate armored plate movement and reduce chafing
  • Relocated side release buckles for easier adjustments
  • Easy to reach quick-release pull tab

These improvements will make it easier to move around while reducing some of the complexity Marines may face, especially when trying to fire their weapon. It also shares a commonality of parts with the improved Scalable Plate Carrier.

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  • SGT A 0311

    Best body armor I wore in Afghanistan was to take the Plate Carrier body and swap the MTV cummerbund onto it. The Plate Carrier cummerbund had the side plates on the outside and tended to fall away from the body, leaving big gaps and swaying like crazy when on the run. The MTV cummerbund pulled the plates tight to the side (but is adjustable so as not to be constricting) and kept them right up under the armpit for good side coverage while still having all the advantages of the Plate Carrier’s mobility. The only drawback is the lack of neck protection.


    this thing sucks, its heavy as hell and complicated as fu#@!

  • B_mellinger

    what the military needs is the dragonskin body armor. its better then what they have now.

  • 52288carroll

    I literally watched an interpreter in the Ghan, take a knife and trim his MTV…thus making it into a resemblance of the plate carriers we Marines all received for that particular deployment. Come on, the plate carrier is where its at gents!!

  • Cpl

    Just stop trying with this failed design… Give us all plate carriers and be done with it

  • chuckNasty

    This isn’t really much different than the MTV we used two years ago…

  • Keeling39

    this sounds good the old vest killed me

  • Z.Norton

    Where the hell was this 2 years ago. good to see they took our comments into consideration

  • Echo1er

    Marines will always hate the gear we get. Honestly Sappi Plate carrier is whats on everyone list as body armor.

  • Brandon Cooke

    What is the little flap covering the groin for?

  • Justin Long

    I hate that thing I Love the Plate Carrier!