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From the Editor


Future heroes are born every day. Many of them will go unnoticed; many of their stories of sacrifice and bravery will go untold. Yet, as Marines, we have an opportunity to see first hand what heroes are made of. Every deployment, every job, every oath of enlistment puts us in position to see the legends of tomorrow and experience our history being formed today.

A decade has passed since the attacks of September 11. Ten years of conflict has strengthened the hearts and minds of todays Marines and, though we have lost many of our brothers and sisters, we continue to fight for freedom, family, for each other, and for our Corps.

Marines are humbled by the actions of Sgt. Dakota Meyer, who recently became the first living Marine to receive the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War. His service and actions have become engrained in us all and we are all now part of hist story – The Few, The Proud…

In this issue of MARINES, as you take a moment to refelct on the past ten years, please look within yourself and recall those acclaimed – and moreover, those unsung heroes of this great nation.

Semper Fidelis,


Download the latest issue of MARINES for the iPad

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