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Multi-Tasking on a New Level: Renewable Energy Mission Module

Acting as a multi-tool of earth friendly energy, the Renewable Energy Mission Module uses the sun and wind to provide electricity and versatility to forces out in the field.

The REMM carries two folding solar panels and a wind turbine that, at its peak, generates 20 kilowatts of power, more than enough to energize any forward operation base. It beats driving a truck with a trailer full of flammable liquids in a war zone.

Equipped with an onboard fuel generator and a Lithium-Ion battery the system can still be used even if the weather is uncooperative.

The REMM also travels, either on a C-130 military transport plane or loaded onto a load-handling-capable Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck. It can also be outfitted with more capabilities such as water purification or desalination systems. The best part is that it’s not as dangerous as, say, gasoline.

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