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Tire Workouts

A common event in strongman competitions, the tire flip, is one unconventional workout that will truly take every muscle in your body to complete. But it isn’t necessary to be a strongman competitor to flip tires, because they come in all different sizes and weights.

Chris Junkins, 160-and-under pound men's weight group division competitor, performs a tire flip during the annual Iwakuni Strongman Competition at the Penny Lake field here April 30. Junkins carried 250 pounds during the farmer's walk across 100 meeters, 30 7-ton tire flips, 31.03 seconds during the iron cross, 35 reps during the steel log press, and 25 seconds during the Humvee pull.

Chris Junkins, 160-and-under pound men's weight group division competitor, performs a tire flip during the annual Iwakuni Strongman Competition at the Penny Lake field April 30. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Jennifer Pirante)



Working out with tires will provide Marines with some variety in their workout routine and a full body workout.

Various workouts with tires are available such as tire flips, tire hits, tire drags, running through tires using high knees and even using a tire for crunches.

Gunnery Sgt. Gary Porter is the staff noncommissioned officer in charge of the National Museum of the Marine Corps and a competitor in Marine Corps Base Quantico’s tire flipping competition hosted by Barber Gym aboard the Base. Porter says the tire flip provides a full body workout and, during the competition, he felt as though he had been working out for an hour even though it took him just under three minutes to finish 100-yards.

Christi Lee the fitness events coordinator for Barber Gym says that tire flipping is a good workout for Marines who are deployed because of the limited equipment and space.

“Marines can benefit from the tire flip in many ways; one being that it can help with the ammo can lift because it improves explosiveness. It can also help with buddy carries and running depending on the weight of the tire and how many reps are done.” Lee said.

Another workout done with tires is high knees.  This exercise variant requires multiple tires, lying side-by-side and alternating on the ground. “Running through the tires trains you to run on the balls of your feet,” said Chad Coy, personal trainer and owner of Club Fitness 24. This type of running, many contend, may result in an improved stride, or faster run times when racing.

Whatever your motivation, the consensus seems to be that tires can keep more than your car moving efficiently for the long haul.


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10 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dunno, but I used to change HEMTT tires (5-ton).  It’s an art. (And I’m female… back then a very tough one.)  Yes, can break your leg if one falls over on you.  I’d estimate lifting from ground to flipping is around 100 lbs at most (tire only).  I think someone said “jokingly”? the tire with wheel weighed around 500 lbs.  I doubt that… maybe with wheel, about 320 lbs ea?  If you are careful, it doesn’t weigh anything at all and can be easily maneuvered once you get some motion.  YES, ONE person (like me) can lift one of these tires onto a hub by holding your mouth right and use just the right size crowbar to do a pry-lift.  (Google and Wiki HEMTT and check out the pictures.  Very simliar to the tire in this picture, maybe you can get the weight in one of these articles?)

  2. Tommyjacoby says:

    love this workout did it for football camp its great

  3. Darren says:

    There is no better workout than a 100 yard tyre flip, it tests you both aerobically and anaerobically. It’s perfect for me as I do mixed martial arts, mix it up with static weight training  just keep your traing fresh and you’ll keep enjoying it. “Go Marines”

  4. Cletusbrooks says:

    I honestly wana know how much one weighs?

  5. shock says:

    Shut the f- up, if you don’t have anything good to say on here get the hell off of the site.

  6. Yelhsa Kcremmit says:

    Tell me when and where; I foresee a new spectator sport.

  7. Rcarlos79 says:

    Loving this and new workout for me to get bigger

  8. Eastyjets617 says:


  9. Matt says:

    Wed have a gym near my house that has a cardio program called, “Spartan Training”. It involves 2 hours of straight cardio. We use tires, kettle weights, jump ropes, and cement blocks…… my first class I only threw up twice haha.