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See color at night

Marines in the future may be seeing things at night in a whole new way with ColorPath Color Capable Night Vision Devices. These devices allow for the identification of colors even in lowlight situations, allowing for better intelligence and security missions.

When it comes to night vision devices, seeing different shades of monochromatic green has been the standard viewpoint for Marines. But the ColorPath Color Capable Night Vision Device could have Marines seeing colors, allowing them to identify the bad guy’s red truck, or differentiate between uniforms, objects, friends or foes. Developed by Tenebraex, the ColorPath uses one standard, green image intensifier tube to create a true, full-color image. Even at low starlight levels, it provides image color with no delay and is unaffected by temperature.  It is also lightweight and energy efficient. By using mechanical filters, the ColorPath system processes real-time images faster than other computer-based filters. The resulting color provides better night depth-perception and terrain assessment, making gathering intelligence at night similar to day.

The new capabilities of the ColorPath Color Capable Night Vision Device would allow Marines to differentiate between uniforms, objects, friends or foes. The ability to identify colors at night would allow Marines to gather intelligence and security in a safer and more effective way.


Helmet mounted

Field of view – 40°

Weight – 18 ounces with 2 AA batteries

Power –Approx. 10 hours operation

Waterproof – 32 feet

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17 Responses

  1. Johannesmutlu says:

    dit i read it right,does it create full color images from a green image intensifier image tube,does that mean that it converts monochrome green images into full color in accordance to their shades of green???
    if so that would be revolutionair,if not that it,s nothing more then just amplifying availeble light,and then just a matter of smartly filtering out noise,chroma noise.

  2. PVT Lawrence says:

    this beats the NVGs were issued

  3. Todd Johnston says:

    can I get one I have trouble finding my dark brown dog at night, ha ha

  4. Camry03103 says:

    big difference

  5. Drew says:

    Thats just amazing good equipment for the marines and soldiers on the ground, semper fi!

  6. Arron Lerma says:

    That’s awesome

  7. Gdstar740 says:

    i want one of those for sure

  8. Kia229 says:

    That is really cool, and looks like it would be alot safer for our soldiers.

  9. Jeff Grigsby says:

    Cool combat tech.  Now that the enemy knows this new technology, let’s see if we can keep a lid on where we get them

  10. In_a_cloud says:

    WooHoo! How long before rifle scopes? : )

  11. Bradywvaughn says:

    can civilians buy these?

  12. Rob says:

    this sure will help the marines in the field

  13. Jonathan Boggs says:

    Whoa, does that mean in every movie we will see colored night vision? I got to have me a pair!

  14. David Jones says:

    It states it will even work in “lowlight” situations.
    Will it still allow you to see color in the darkness of night?

  15. Pbernardgooden says:

    Outstanding! I would’ve loved to use these in my days in The Corps.

  16. Howard Ross says:

    Goodnight “Starlight” star brite, it light intensifiers we’re good when we had em’

  17. Acogburn12345 says:

    Awsome its about time lets make shure our marines get this first