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  • MEDAL OF HONOR issue cover


    Marines never leave Marines behind. That motto is as old as the Corps. In this issue you’ll meet a Kentucky farm boy who demonstrated what it truly means to bring everyone home. During a day-long fight in Afghanistan Sgt. Dakota Meyer rescued Marines and scores of others. In so doing, Sgt. Meyer became the first living Marine Medal of Honor recipient since Vietnam. President Barrack Obama awarded the medal to Sgt. Meyer at the White House just a few days after the ten-year anniversary of 9/11.So as you take a moment to reflect on the past decade, please look within yourself and recall those acclaimed – and moreover, those unsung heroes of this great nation. [Read more…]


  • MARINE WEEK: ST. LOUIS  issue cover


    Marines have extended their capabilities to secure ships from pirates, evacuate refugees from Africa, and rescue downed Air Force pilots in Bosnia and Libya. In this issue of Marines, take a look inside how Marines do even more with less, share stories of heroism, and capture an example of how those outside the Corps used an innovative approach to feed our deployed troops. At every turn, the Corps proves to be a highly capable force of dedicated men and women, ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done. [Read more…]


    • First To Fight  issue cover


      Marines desire to compete and win, regardless of the odds,is ingrained in everyone who has ever worn the Marine Corps eagle, globe and anchor. In this edition of MARINES, find out how Marines hone their battle skills in the ring and on the matt. Get tips on how to train for a fight, free fall from five miles skyward, and see wounded warriors on their journey for the gold. From lava dogs to devil dogs, convoys to zombies, or Arizona to Afghanistan – this issue of MARINES has you covered.   [Read more…]



    • Journey


      The Journey – Whether going from civilian or enlisted, every path to becoming a Marine officer is uncovered in this issue of MARINES. Watch our history come to life as we guide you through the National Museum of the Marine Corps. Meet a Marine corporal who was back on his feet seconds after stepping on a roadside bomb – landing fifteen feet away. Take time for some good boondoggle and meet the Corps’ very own Rambo.   [Read more…]



    • In Retrospect issue cover


      The Marine Corps’ former commandant Gen. James Conway looks back on four years and two wars in this issue of MARINES. Deploy to Afghanistan with MARINES where the Corps is fighting the Taliban all while helping the Afghan people work at chance for a brighter future. A prosperous life for the Afghan people is on the horizon, and “America’s Battalion” is shown supporting the cause.   [Read more…]



    • Lost Generation issue cover


      MARINES surfaces the Korean War, nicknamed the “Forgotten War” because of its unsung place between World War II and the Vietnam War. Read about challenges of the Marines who patrolled through frigid temperatures so those who fought are not tucked away in the pages of history. MARINES also highlights that not all wounds are physical. Learn about the battle against post-traumatic stress disorder and where to go to reach out for help if suffering from PTSD.   [Read more…]



    • Legends Live Forever


      MARINES highlights courageous men who fought the Battle of Iwo Jima in 1945, with a look into the conflict and the firsthand accounts of veterans who were there. See hhow Marines answered the call for relief to earthquake stricken Haiti. Read about the Corps’ changing tatoo policy and much more.   [Read more…]



    • Fallujah - Looking Back at the Fury


      Five years have passed since the Battle of Fallujah, arguably the fiercest combat Marines have seen since the Vietnam War. We are fortunate enough to still have active duty Marines who served in Iraq’s Al Anbar Province and share what they have to say about those fateful days. Visit with the Marine Corps Body Bearers who carry the caskets of fellow Marines through the streets of Arlington National Cemetery and surrounding National Capital region cemeteries, (sometimes up to a mile,) as the last salute to the fallen members of the 234-year-old brotherhood.   [Read more…]



    • Stealthy. Swift. Deadly. Marines issue cover


      The Marine Corps aviation family is all smiles in this issue of MARINES as we take a look at the Joint Strike Fighter. We also take a moment to honor the legacy of Medal of Honor recipient Cpl. Jason Dunham as he lives on in the Corps’ newest guided-missile destroyer.   [Read more…]



    • Marines Gear special issue cover

      GEAR 2009

      All your gear questions are answered in this special issue of MARINES. Get a glimpse of the “next generation” equipment designed to enhance the warfighter’s effectiveness on the battlefield. You’ll have an up close look at everything from the Scalable Plate Carrier to Corps’ newest skivvies.   [Read more…]



    • Keeping Standards High & Marines issue cover


      Read what Marine and Hollywood star, Rob Riggle, has to say about the Corps and visit the challenges faced by recruiters working to ensure the Corps finds quality Marines during economic hardship. See how the Corps not only reached, but exceed its goal to increase the Marine Corps to a 202,000-strong force. Also inside, MARINES gives you the gouge on next generation vehicles, staying hydrated, “Death from above” and the Corps’ new Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle. Lastly, you won’t want to miss how our Marine stacks up against Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise in “Rank vs. Rank”.   [Read more…]



    • Corps Album 2009 & Marines issue cover

      CORPS ALBUM 2009

      Take look-back at “every clime and place” the Marines have landed and the missions they’ve executed. This issue focuses on images that made an impact on our audience through the eyes of the Corps’ combat corespondents. We showcase images from Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom and around the Corps. MARINES also highlights award winning photos shot by devil dogs for the United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association, and Division of Public Affairs, Merit Awards program. The featured Marines provide perspectives on how they captured their award-winning images.   [Read more…]



    • Women & Marines issue cover


      Some things never change; this theory doesn’t apply to today’s Marine Corps and the oval office. MARINES explore the ever changing role of the lady leatherneck and the path taken to be where they are today. MARINES also welcomes the 44th president of the United States, President Barack Obama.   [Read more…]



    • Nothing South of Heroic issue cover


      With the improvement of modern medicine, fewer Marines are being killed in action than years past. However, this leaves more Marines battling life-altering injuries and wounds. MARINES presents an in-depth look into wounded warriors and their everyday struggles. Read about one Marine’s determination and his desire to reach out to others.   [Read more…]



    • Sports 2008 issue cover

      SPORTS 2008

      In the annual edition of MARINES Sports, the role they play in the Corps is highlighted. The special issue showcases all forums of sports from football to marathon running. Be prepared to debate with your fellow gamers as it features a list of the all-time top sports video games.   [Read more…]



    • Africana issue cover


      During the time of a dual front war, MARINES took a firsthand look into the lesser publicized Horn of Africa and the role of Marines to keep the hope of peace alive in the region. In addition, the magazine breaks down an unbreakable bond of a few leathernecks from Okinawa.   [Read more…]



    • Generations of War issue cover


      Tactics of warfare may change but the spirit of the war fighter never does. This edition of MARINES focuses on the bonds forged in combat, and the similar thoughts and emotions felt regardless of the conflict. Also read about the evolution of hand-to-hand combat and the role it plays on the battlefield.   [Read more…]



    • Dogs of War issue cover


      In this issue, MARINES captures the joint-training efforts in Australia’s Shoalwater Bay. Take an intimate trip down memory lane with a look inside the Navajo Code Talkers. Additionally, read about a modest Bronze Star medal recipient who proves having courage is just part of being a Marine.   [Read more…]



    • Drill issue cover


      With its left foot first, MARINES stepped off and marched through the history of drill and the reasons behind it. Step onto the grinder and pop your rifle during rifle manual movements performed daily on recruit depots. This issue takes a glance at drill in today’s Marine Corps.   [Read more…]



    • Home of the Brave issue cover

      Home of the Brave

      MARINES enters the life of Medal of Honor recipient and war hero Cpl. Jason Dunham, revealed by his family and friends. Go north of the border and celebrate culture, heritage, and tradition with a powwow, lead by a Canadian native and a ground-pounding devil dog.   [Read more…]



    • 2006 Year in Pictures issue cover

      YEAR IN PICTURES – 2006

      MARINES enters the life of Medal of Honor recipient and war hero Cpl. Jason Dunham, revealed by his family and friends. Go north of the border and celebrate culture, heritage, and tradition with a powwow, lead by a Canadian native and a ground-pounding devil dog.   [Read more…]



    • Sports 2006 issue cover

      Sports 2006

      The annual MARINES Sports for 2006 shows how athletics are keeping the Corps in tip-top shape. From the mandatory fun of Marine Corps physical training to basketball in Iraq, Marines strive to succeed as competitors in all sports as well as on the battle field.   [Read more…]




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