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    • LIBERTY 2006 issue cover


      MARINES started 2006 by sounding “liberty.” Highlighting some of the Corps’ top attractions around our nation’s capital is only the beginning. This version also spotlights five liberty hot spots for Marines around the world, and how to see them for a decent price.   [Read more…]



    • Year in Review 2005 issue cover

      YEAR IN REVIEW 2005

      As 2005 neared a close and people began turning their thoughts toward 2006, MARINES reminds everyone what 2005 was about with a year in review publication. The review includes photos from Iraq, Afghanistan and athletic fields across the Marine Corps.   [Read more…]





    • Heart of the Corps issue cover


      With the country now in conflict for four years in Afghanistan and two in Iraq, MARINES take time to honor and remember the fallen. This report also looks at the effects felt in hospitals stateside far away from the battles overseas.   [Read more…]



    • Stay in Corps issue cover


      New units, MOS shifts and more training is spotlighted in this edition of MARINES. The second issue of 2005 also gets help from the Personnel Management Support Branch in Quantico, Va., to assist the individual Marine in maintaining vital records to their career.   [Read more…]



    • Tomorrow's Technology Today issue cover


      New units, MOS shifts and more training is spotlighted in this edition of MARINES. It requires new technology, weapons, training and concepts in order to improve a Marine’s arsenal and MARINES started out 2005 by delving into some of the new technology on the horizon. This version also looks at history made by the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit.   [Read more…]



    • Sports 2005 issue cover

      SPORTS 2005

      Marines take pride in everything they do to include sports. This issue tours the Corps to look at what sports Marines are involved in. From football to boxing, or just throwing a huge piece of wood for distance (pg. 28), the Marine Corps is deeply involved in competition.   [Read more…]



    • Year In Review 2004 issue cover

      YEAR IN REVIEW 2004

      MARINES takes pride in the selection of imagery from around the Marine Corps showcased in each issue. This issue explores the photography of Marines in ever clime and place, from the cold mountains of California to operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and at sea.   [Read more…]



    • Sports 2004 issue cover

      SPORTS 2004

      Sports will always be a great way to showcase the athleticism and competitive drive of Marines. This issue of MARINES used photos to look back on a year of rough and tough devil dogs getting some on the field, court, or just about anywhere they could play.   [Read more…]





    • Snivel Gear issue cover


      Marines are always moving, whether it’s changing duty stations or deploying to the battlefield. MARINES covered this with articles on how to work with the Traffic Management Office, what’s best to pack for a deployment, and some of the trucks that take Marines into the war zone.   [Read more…]



    • One Less Ankle to Break issue cover


      From the Company Gunny to the Marine Security Guard sentry, MARINES took a good look at what it is the Corps’ devil dogs do while serving the country. Also, read about the Marines who looked adversity in the face and kept moving forward – the story of these heroes continue.   [Read more…]



    • Year In Review 2003 issue cover

      YEAR IN REVIEW 2003

      MARINES showcases some of the best photos taken by Marines in 2003. The editors had to narrow their selections down from 7,013 submitted for the magazine and the best of those are shown here. In training, deployments and fun times around the Corps, these photographers didn’t miss a beat.   [Read more…]

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