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The Marines magazine staff considered that the look of the magazine, and the magazine’s online presence, had become outdated and needed some course correction.

We wanted both our print and online versions to have a feel of something fresh, cool, and easy to read. So we did our homework, reworked the design, staffed the updates, and collectively came to what we hope you will find is a much more inviting way to get your content.

These changes involved cutting some sections all together and creating new ones. We hope you like the new look and feel of Marines magazine. If not, keep reading the old ones. There is always something for you with Marines magazine.

Seems that publications are always looking to the future and for the next “big thing”; the media world is constantly changing — it can be a challenge to stay fresh and interesting. We hope to have managed this with the updated design of the magazine. Please e-mail us your thoughts, comments or opinions at

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