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    The Haitian Campaign: Marines Change History and Tactics in Haiti

    As one action of many during the Banana Wars, the Marine Corps was called to Haiti July 28, 1915, to occupy and stabilize the nation in an effort to protect American interests throughout the Caribbean,  [Read more...]

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    The Unknown Legend

    The name and story of Col. Peter J. Ortiz may not be as recognizable as Dan Daly, Smedley Butler or John Basilone, but his story is that of legend and exemplifies a Marine tradition of adapting and overcoming tremendous odds to complete the mission.

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    WWII: Marines In Europe

    Wherever war is waged, Marines will be found – guarding or fighting. Although the Marine Corps’ battle was mostly in the Pacific during World War II, some Marines were assigned to serve with certain Navy  [Read more...]

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    Farewell ‘Brute’

    Marine Corps legend passes away at age 95 MARINE CORPS AIR STATION MIRAMAR, Calif. – Service members from across the country gathered Jan. 8 to say goodbye to a legend who helped set the standard  [Read more...]

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    Hallowed Ground

    Yuma-based Avengers’ history reawakened on trip to Wake Island WAKE ISLAND — More than 67 years ago, the forbearers of one Yuma-based squadron faced impossible odds on this remote Pacific atoll as swells of Japanese troops  [Read more...]

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    Paving the Way

    Staff Sgt. Timerlate Kirven and Cpl. Samuel J. Love read an award citation for the Purple Heart they each received for wounds sustained during the Battle of Saipan in 1944. They were the first African-American  [Read more...]

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    Women & Marines

    In today’s corps, women play a vital role in the operating forces at home and abroad Female Marines execute their daily tasks just as their male counterparts do from recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit  [Read more...]

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    Hail to the Chief

    America welcomes President Barack Obama The Marine Corps and its sister services welcomed its 44th commander-in-chief Jan. 20 during the nation’s most prestigious change-of-command ceremony, the Presidential Inauguration. U.S. Marine Col. Michael J. Colburn conducts  [Read more...]