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    Demonstration area valuable asset to the Corps

    If you want to know how the latest pickup truck handles, you can visit your local auto dealer. When the Marine Corps needs to see how a new turret for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle  [Read more...]

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    Green Bullets

    According to Marine Corps Systems Command the Corps expends about 100 million 5.56 mm rifle cartridges in live-fire training each year. Taking an eco-friendly approach, the Corps is looking into a new round that does  [Read more...]

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    Rover: The Mobile Robotic Target System

    The Marine Corps is evaluating a new target that will provide a different challenge to marksmen. The Rover, a mobile robotic target system developed by Marathon Robotics, was designed to follow a pre-programmed set of  [Read more...]

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    M32 Grenade Launcher

    The Corps is upping the ante by acquiring an updated version of the M32A1 multi-shot grenade launcher. Marine Corps Systems Command is procuring 2,191 new Milkor MGLs to supplement the 210 M32s already in the  [Read more...]