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    Sea Monsters

    Battalion Landing Team, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, and Romanian Marines wait to return to the USS Whidbey Island while ashore at Capu Midia, Romania. The Romanian and American Marines were  [Read more...]

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    Back in the Day

    Assault on Tinian On July 24, 1944, the 4th Marine Division made the first and only shore-to-shore amphibious assault on the beaches of Tinian during WWII. The campaign for Tinian was a crucial part of  [Read more...]

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    Battle of Midway

    Just six months after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, which nearly decimated the United States’ naval power, the United States found an opportunity to even the playing field. Adm. Chester W. Nimitz had a valuable  [Read more...]

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    2nd Marine Division Making Mehraj Safe

    By Cpl. Marco Mancha ATROL BASE MEHRAJ, Helmand province, Afghanistan — Every drop of sweat from their foreheads cools their faces as Marines patrol through the Afghan heat. Every cautious step through the cratered terrain  [Read more...]

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    Uncle Sam pays for your college

    Education is an important element in today’s military, and the Marine Corps is doing what it can to send its active and veteran members to school. As a Marine, deciding on a plan to take  [Read more...]

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    Running With A Splash

    Marines and other athletes who work out on a regular basis often experience burnout and possible injury. Breaking up normal workout regiments with cross-training exercises, like swimming, can offer relief for overworked muscles and joints.  [Read more...]

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    Keeps Marines Hard-Headed

      If you held the Enhanced Combat Helmet in one hand and the Advanced Combat Helmet in the other, you’d hardly know the difference, or why the Marine Corps is looking to replace the ACH  [Read more...]

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    PTSD support goes mobile

    Marines and Marine veterans who may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder now have access to help that fits in their pocket. The Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs have created mobile ‘apps’ for smartphones  [Read more...]

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    Rocket Packing A Punch

    It’s lean, mean and intellectually sound. Using cutting edge technology and global positioning system guidance, the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System can deal an effective blow to the opposition. Though a bit different from  [Read more...]

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    Guardian of patrols: Afghan dog fights like Marine

    FORWARD OPERATING BASE PAYNE, HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan — He defends Marines and sailors with love and tenacity, protecting them as any Marine would protect a brother-in-arms. He is the epitome of man’s best friend, shielding  [Read more...]

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    Tak-4 Independent Suspension System

    Riding the rough mountain roads in Afghanistan for hours on end can leave your body hating you. Sometimes it feels like riding a bull for a day. But now, motor transportation Marines can expect a  [Read more...]

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    Multi-Tasking on a New Level: Renewable Energy Mission Module

    Acting as a multi-tool of earth friendly energy, the Renewable Energy Mission Module uses the sun and wind to provide electricity and versatility to forces out in the field. The REMM carries two folding solar  [Read more...]

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    First In Flight

    In Dec. 1947, the Marine Corps organized Marine Helicopter Squadron One to test how to use helicopter support with airborne ship-to-shore troop movement in its amphibious assault tactics. Since that time, HMX-1 has performed many  [Read more...]

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    Rank Vs. Rank : Ted Williams

      Capt. Theodore Samuel (Ted) Williams Hometown: San Diego Team: Boston Red Sox Sports played: Major League Baseball from 1939-1960, fishing and hunting Position played: Outfielder Career home runs: 521 Lifetime batting average: .344 First  [Read more...]

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    Captain Lucas Frokjer, officer-in-charge of the flightline for Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463, reunites with his family after returning from a seven-month deployment. The squadron’s Marines were welcomed home by a large crowd of family  [Read more...]