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    Faces in the Ranks

    Gunnery Sgt. Joshua Shaffer Morehead, Ky. Age: 26 Occupation: Recruiter Unit: Recruiting Station Indianapolis Shaffer reported to Recruiting Station Indianapolis as a canvassing recruiter in April 2008. Twenty-one months and two meritorious promotions later, he  [Read more...]

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    Hard Times

    Recruiting during economic hardship Historically during times of recession, military recruitment picks up and it’s easy to understand why. The military guarantees a steady paycheck, housing and medical benefits that in a stressed economy may  [Read more...]

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    In 2007 the Marine Corps announced it would “Grow the Force” to an end strength of 202,000 by 2011. It’s 2009, and the corps had reached its goal – TWO years early. Some sources partly attribute this success by Marines motivated to “stay Marine” since the Corps’ culture is one that rewards proven performance and takes care of its own.